mypass Accounts

Use your mypass card as your on mountain debit card. Preload your mypass card with money to spend anywhere on our mountains.

Leave your wallet at home, and use your mypass card to pay for lunch, lessons or that pair of goggles you always wanted. By loading New Zealand dollars onto your mypass money account you can use your mypass card at Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt and the Remarkables. All you need to do is load money and set up a PIN and you're away spending.

Your mypass PIN

Your mypass PIN is a secure 4 digit number that you can assign at any Guest Services up the mountain or Snow Centre in Queenstown and Methven. It will be required whenever you use your mypass accounts to make purchases on our mountains or website.

Your PIN provides access to your mypass account, you should never disclose your mypass PIN to another person.

Activating your mypass Money account

You can activate your mypass money account 2 different ways:

  1. Load money onto the account on the mypass website and then drop into Guest Services at Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt or the Remarkables to assign your mypass PIN, or
  2. Load money and assign your mypass PIN at any Guest Services location on our Mountains.

mypass Money for friends and family

Preload the mypass cards of your friends and family with an allowance for the day or as a gift. To set this up for someone new, add the person to your list of mypass Friends & Family. Then ask them to add you as a Friend & Family member and also to tick the box so you are 'trusted' to see their account balance and to load money to their mypass money account.

As soon as this is set up, you can load money onto their account as often as you wish.

Parents providing mypass Money for children

Parents can set their families mypass accounts up so they can give their children an allowance to spend on their lunch or other products at the mountain.

To do this, parents should first add their children to their mypass list of friends and family. Similarly, each child should add the parent as a Friend & Family member, and also to tick the box so the parent is a 'trusted' person who can see their account balance and load money to their mypass money account.

As soon as this is set up, the parent can load money onto their children's accounts as often as they wish.

Spending mypass Money

mypass Money can be spent anywhere at Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt, the Remarkables or the Queenstown and Methven Snow Centres. All you need is an available balance and a mypass PIN. When you are about to pay just let the attendant know that you are going to pay with your mypass Money.

Unused money can be returned to you in NZ Currency.